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Tenant Guide

Moving home can be stressful - and you may not be familiar with renting - so we aim to make your experience as easy as possible. This section will guide you through the rental process and help you enjoy your new home with as trouble-free a time as possible throughout the life of your tenancy.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or call 01482 654444

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Applying for a Tenancy

Download a Tenancy Application form from the Tenant Zone. You can also obtain the Tenancy Application form by contacting us on 01482 653333. You will need to complete and return the Tenancy Application form to:

Larards Lets,
The Property Centre,
24 Hull Road,
East Yorkshire,
HU13 0AH

[javascript protected email address]

You will be required to prove you have the right to rent in the UK (for a full list of acceptable documents, see Right to rent documents check). Make sure you have all the correct details for your referees and speak to your former landlords, employers and referees to let them know that Larards Lets or our agent will be contacting them. You may be required to supply a guarantor and before your application can be processed your guarantor must complete the Guarantor Form and sign the Guarantor's Agreement.

Before the start of the tenancy, you will need to make an initial payment of rent in advance together with a security deposit. Payment may be made by Bank Transfer or cash but all monies must be received by us in cleared funds on or before the day that the tenancy commences.

Larards Lets is a professional letting agent and as Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors all clients are assured their monies are secure and in trusted hands. Our business is covered by the RICS Client Money Protection Scheme and you can find out more here.

Once your application has been approved and cleared funds have been received you will be invited to sign the Tenancy Agreement. A copy of this document will be available for you to read prior to signing.

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Welcome To Your New Home

As soon as you move into your new home you must notify the organisations responsible for Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Water and Council Tax. To find out who supplies your energy contact:-

Gas: 0870 608 1524
Electricity: 0800 011 3332

Please note that there may be token meters fitted at the property in which case you will need to have them cleared and re-set by the relevant service provider.

Check smoke alarms, gas, electrical and other working appliances as soon as possible and let us know immediately if there are any problems.

Your Landlord is not responsible for insuring your possessions and you may be liable for any damage caused to your Landlord's property. Larards Lets recommend that Tenants take out contents insurance and one of our Property Managers will be pleased to discuss this with you.

If you have been supplied with an Inventory of Contents, or Schedule of Condition, please check each item as listed making any amendments which you consider to be appropriate and let us know immediately (in writing) about any amendments.

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Rent Payments

The tenancy agreement may require that rent is paid in advance as cleared funds by banker’s standing order. You can instruct your bank to make a regular payment to Larards Lets, using your property address as the payment reference. Contact us and we shall be pleased to issue a standing order mandate for you to complete and submit to your bank.

We will not automatically take money from your account and therefore you retain control of your payments. So, with a standing order, you will need to give your bank new instructions each time a change is needed. Alternatively, if you have access to online banking, you can send a payment to us directly from your bank account using your property address as the payment reference.

You will need the following details:-
Account name: Larards Property Management Ltd Clients Account
Account number: 03663043
Sort code: 40-25-20
Reference: (1st line of your property address)

In some cases, alternative payment arrangements may be available. Please contact us for details.

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Repairs & Maintenance

As a tenant you should take good general care of your home and, without prejudice to the Terms of the Tenancy, tenants are usually responsible for day to day maintenance such as clearing blocked drains and gutters, changing fuses and replacing light bulbs. You, or your family and guests, must not damage the property as tenants are responsible for making good such damage.

During winter periods you should take appropriate action to prevent damage from burst water pipes. If the property is not adequately heated, ensure that the water supply is turned off. If the property is to be left vacant for more than 28 consecutive days, please tell Larards Lets and leave us with details of your forwarding address and that of a local contact if possible.

At Larards Lets we try to give you, our customer, the best service that we are able to and we have made it even easier for you to report property repairs and maintenance issues to us. Tenants MUST use the tenant repair report form to report all repairs. In the case of a true emergency also telephone us on 01482 654444.

IMPORTANT. If you smell gas, have a gas leak, or think carbon monoxide fumes are escaping from an appliance, call Gas Emergency Services immediately on 0800 111 999. Turn off the gas supply and open all doors and windows to ventilate the property.

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Condensation & Dampness

What is Condensation?

There is always some moisture in the air, even if you cannot see it. Warm air is able to carry more moisture than cold air. If the air gets colder it cannot hold all the moisture and then tiny droplets of water appear. This is condensation and it is most noticeable when you see your breath on a cold day or when a bathroom window mists over.

Condensation occurs more readily during cold weather and it appears mainly on cold surfaces and in places where there is little or no air circulation. Condensation is most likely to be noticed on or near windows, in or behind wardrobes, around furniture and often on north facing walls.

Typical signs of condensation are:

Mould growth on wall surfaces around external wall openings and in areas of low air circulation or poor ventilation

Misty wall surfaces

Water staining and streaking on walls - particularly in bathrooms and kitchens

Patches of damp with no obvious edges

How to Avoid Condensation

Reducing the amount of moisture in the air will help to avoid problems caused by condensation. A lot of moisture is produced quickly by some ordinary daily activities such as cooking, bathing, washing and drying clothes.

Wipe-away condensation, particularly on windows, walls and mirrors. Do not dry cloths over a radiator as this will create more condensation. Similarly, if you are using a tumble dryer, make sure that it is vented to the outside. When cooking, cover pans to produce less steam.

Ventilating your Home is essential to remove moisture from the air by replacing damp air with dry air. The air outside your home will usually be much drier than the air inside your home, even on a wet day. Keeping a window open or using ventilators will help but in rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom, more vigorous ventilation may be needed.

Avoid damp air spreading over your home by closing bathroom and kitchen doors and increase ventilation around your home by using fans, opening cupboard doors, moving furniture regularly etc.


Insulating a property and avoiding cold spots will help to reduce formation of water droplets. Loft insulation and secondary or double glazing all help to reduce heat loss and keep surfaces warm.

Heating your Home

Keeping your home moderately warm will help to avoid condensation forming but do not use paraffin or flueless bottled gas heaters for this purpose. Overheating the air in your home can actually make the effects of condensation worse.


As well as wiping away moisture droplets, remove and kill mould by wiping the affected area with a fungicide, which carries a health and safety executive approval number. A mild bleach solution may also help to remove mould but follow manufacturers safety advice and test a small area of the surface first, so not to cause damage.

Dampness in Buildings

Dampness can be caused by:

Leaking pipes

Waste outlets or overflows

Water penetration as a result of blocked gutters, missing roof slates and poor brickwork

Rising damp due to the absence of or the defectiveness of damp-proof courses

These forms of dampness often leave a tidemark whereas condensation does not. Where mould appears the dampness is often due to condensation. Check for and eliminate any obvious causes of damp penetration and then if you can deal with the basic problem of condensation mould should not appear.

To avoid mould forming wipe away as much water as possible, especially from window sills. Wipe-away mould with a fungicidal wash and if necessary re-decorate the affected areas. The only lasting way of avoiding severe mould is to eliminate dampness by producing less moisture, ventilating the home and keeping it warm.

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Legionnaires Disease

Take all reasonable control measures to reduce the risk of Legionnaires Disease. Flush out the water system in the property by running all water outlets for at least two minutes immediately at the start of the tenancy and especially where the Property has not been occupied or stood empty for some time.

Avoid debris falling into the water system by making sure that water tanks have tight fitting lids. Set heating controls so that hot water is heated and stored at above 60 degrees centigrade. Regularly clean, descale and disinfect shower heads.

Inform Larards Lets if the hot water system is not heating properly or if there are any other problems with the system. Inform Larards Lets if the cold water system is not running cold.

To report any of the above please use our tenant repair report form.

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Ending Your Tenancy

Without prejudice to the terms of the agreement, landlords normally expect to receive one month’s notice before the termination of a tenancy. Notice must be given to Larards Lets in writing and you should also let us have details of your forwarding address. You can expect to receive an acknowledgement together with our end of tenancy guide from us within 3 working days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement from us please contact us again.

Rent will normally be charged up to and including the day on which keys are received by us or up to the end of the appropriate notice period if keys are handed in early.

Please ensure you comply with the obligations of your tenancy relating to how the property is to be left at the end of your tenancy. You are required to leave the property clean and tidy and we recommend that carpets are vacuumed and professionally cleaned. Net curtains, bedding and linen should be laundered. Internal woodwork, windows and mirrors should be wiped clean. Kitchen appliances and sanitary ware should be left clean. Gardens should be weeded, lawns cut and all rubbish removed from the property. This is an example of what you should do and not necessarily an exhaustive list of your obligations.

You should notify Larards Lets in writing if you are aware of any damages or changes to the inventory and you must ensure that contents are left in the same place as they appear on the inventory.

Kindly notify Gas, Electric, Telephone, Water and Council Tax authorities of your departure and arrange for final meter readings. We shall also be pleased to receive gas, electricity and water meter readings from you. Switch off gas and electrical appliances. Pilot lights may be left on. Turn off the water supply but do not drain off central heating systems. If there is an alarm at the property please make sure that it is set and let us have details of the code. DO NOT turn off the electricity supply to the alarm.

All keys (including any copies which you may have made) should be handed in to Larards Lets at The Property Centre 24 Hull Road Hessle HU13 0AH between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

If you have any further queries regarding arrangements for the termination of your tenancy please telephone our general enquiries number: 01482 654444

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